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Welcome to Mission Resilience

A network of first responders & their families dedicated to self-optimization and resiliency.

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About Mission Resilience

Mission Resilience was founded to create a space for first responders, their spouses and family members from around the globe to connect on topics like mindfulness, resiliency, optimized health and nutrition. 

It's time we create a new generation of first responders that are set up for success not only in their careers but also in their mental health, physical wellbeing and family dynamics. 

You'll be able to build community with other first responders, spouses and family members that are all looking for the same thing!

Why Join?!

As a member of Mission Resilience you will have access to many tools to optimize your health. You will experience weekly yoga classes, monthly workshops, meet ups with other first responders and first responder families from around the world, PLUS monthly master classes from experts in the field of optimized performance and health. 


The mind and body are intricately connected in a system that is not separate. For the system to function efficiently all parts of our mind and body must be routinely checked up on and maintained. You wouldn't go years without changing the oil in your car so why would you go years without checking up on your internal systems? 

Mission Resilience makes these routine self-check-ins easy, affordable and accessible no matter where you are in the world or what your work schedule is like.

No need to schedule an appointment or plan weeks in advance. All resources will be offered live but then available to rewatch at anytime for the duration of your membership!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to The Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness for being a huge inspiration for the creation of this online network for first responders. 

The Iverson Foundation is dedicated to de-stigmatizing and raising awareness of mental health challenges faced by first responders.

Mission Resilience stands with The Iverson Foundation, 10% of our profits at the end of each fiscal year will be donated directly to The Iverson Foundation to help provide resources to first responders and their families around the world!

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